Who are we?

Our aim is to share coping skills and techniques to support social and emotional development; which we deliver through Wellbeing programmes for children and teenagers and then Empower Hours for parents, carers and teachers.

When we asked people what do they do for exercise, 99% of people immediately thought about physical exercise. Yet what do we do to exercise our mental health? Our hearts and minds need to work out just as regularly to stay healthy.
Having our hearts and minds work in harmony with our bodies and brains creates much more balance and a longer more sustainable feeling of happiness.
It is so important that we are kind to our mind, take brain breaks and practice self-care & boundaries from childhood; this way we don't have to retrain our brain as adults.

We are a team experienced in child psychology, mental health support, crisis counselling and specialise in mindfulness for children. An increasing number of today's children face challenges that affect their ability to focus attention, regulate difficult emotions, build inner resilience, and form healthy and supportive relationships.
To overcome this, they need to learn effective ways to help calm their anxious nervous systems and we need to provide them with supportive relationships, nurturing experiences, and positive learning environments to help them succeed.

Key areas we support with

So if you are looking for any of the following

A safe place your child can come to in the school holidays to have fun, feel good and build their strengths

A coach that your child can talk to 1:1 in confidence and mentored to their individual needs.

Or you are

A busy parent or carer wanting to invest in yourself and take part in one of our Empower Hours

A teacher who wants to feel more confident in looking after your own and your students emotional wellbeing.

Please do get in touch..